This Is 40

I recently returned back to LA after a fun filled trip to NY. I was so sad to say bye to all my family and friends, but luckily I got to watch an awesome movie on the plane – “This is 40.”

Along with being absolutely hysterical, “The is 40” is a perfectly emotional and surprisingly relatable comedy. That’s right, a 14-year girl can relate to a movie about adults turning 40 years old. There is a great dynamic between the parents and their daughters as they find themselves in some super funny and awkward situations. Oh, and I just found out that the two girls in the movie are actually the lead character’s real-life daughters. How cool is that?!

To sum up the movie in one sentence, it’s about a dysfunctional family that goes through growing pains when both parents experience a midlife crisis. It sounds super adultish, but the characters handle their issues in hilarious ways. One of my favorite scenes was when the older sister had a minor panic attack when she had “nothing to wear” and her younger sister teased her for the ridiculous outburst. I definitely can relate to this feeling…not to mention that my little brother Ryder is also pretty skilled at angering me when there’s simply nothing to wear.

I would totally check this movie out, even if you aren’t a 40 year old adult having a crisis. If you love comedies (like moi), this is perfect for a Friday night sleepover. I think it deserves to be on “Madison’s favorite movies of all time list.”